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A clean environment should be sanitary and healthy for you, your family and staff/employees to occupy. You can definitely enjoy and rest assure a cleaner environment with ease by using our cleaning service. Cleanliness is something that is extremely essential to many of us, but not all of us enjoy cleaning. We love it when our homes and office space are clean and organized. But it is not achievable for all of us to dedicate the time required to cleaning. If you are one such person, hiring a professional cleaning service provider is the best solution for you.

One of the biggest benefits related with using a cleaning service relates to the amount of time you will save each week. Many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and overworked on a regular basis because of how busy their lives are. You may struggle to find time to spend with your family or to relax and enjoy life. You may contemplate on how much time you may spend each day doing things like vacuuming and cleaning your space. Such tasks may take up several hours or more of your time each week. This is time that you could spend with family / friends, office work or otherwise engaging in relaxing activities if you had a professional cleaning service backing you up with your cleaning. 


We have hardworking and professional staff here to make your cleaning service experience a fantastic one. The owner is a 22 year Army veteran who is very reliable, disciplined and filled with integrity continuously ready to serve the people. We offer affordable rates customized to your needs. We are registered and insured. By scheduling service today, you can soon start enjoying the benefits that a cleaning service provides.

COVID-19 certified training:

1. World Health Organization (WHO)- Standard precautions in Environmental cleaning and disinfection.

2. University of Pittsburg - Epidemics, Pandemics and outbreaks.

3. We utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at each cleaning to protect the customer and ourselves.

"Thank you Save a Dollar for getting our home ready for our wedding day. Our place was spotless for our special day".

Kamilah and Justin, (Berlin, CT)

“We strongly feel that the cleanliness in our office has a strong effect on our productivity and we can thank Save a Dollar Cleaning Services for helping to make our business so successful.”

Andrew, (Middletown, CT)

Private House
"My husband and I appreciated your assistance with helping to organize our garage from all the clutter".
Barbara and John, (Middletown, CT)
"I've been so tired after work and not having any energy to clean my apartment. You came just in time to help me from drowning in my overdue home cleaning and I really appreciate the great rates".  
Janet, (Meriden, CT)
"We used the fogging service when we reopened back up our 
restaurant to reassure the staff that the workplace would be safe to come back to work in."
Mr. Weinhart, (Deep river, CT)