• Tasha

Why go Green with cleaning products?

Green cleaning products are a necessity for all of us to use. Take responsibility for stopping the damage caused to the environment and for protecting your family, pets and co-workers from exposure to toxic chemicals today. A lot of the chemicals that are used in traditional cleaning supplies are irritating to your eyes and your skin, but most importantly to your lungs. And when you think about cleaning supplies, a lot of cleaning supplies come in sprayer bottles, so when you're using them youre really distributing them into the air and making them really easy for you to inhale. So a lot of these toxins that we're spraying into the air when we're cleaning our homes and work place can actually contribute to asthma and allergy issues in the long-term. Most people believe they are creating a safe, healthy environment but unfortunately unknown to them they are creating a highly toxic environment with unknown long term health consequences.

So, what exactly is Green Cleaning? I will explain what Green Cleaning is and how safer practices and products can help protect your health. Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. I think green cleaning products work much better than traditional products, in my opinion and they are much safer to use they just require a slightly different approach. Here are a few suggestions to make the transition to green cleaning easier for you. 1. Give it time. For tough stains and heavy soiling, allow eco-friendly cleaning products to sit on surfaces for at least 2 minutes.

2. Don't let the bubbles fool you. Though green cleaning products don't foam or form as many bubbles, they are working just as well.

3. No smell is a good smell. Eco-Friendly cleaning products are often color and fragrance free. Traditional cleaning products have added color and fragrances that can cause throat irritation and breathing difficulty.