Apparently Throwing Things Away is A Good Thing!'s the start of the New Year. Can you smell that? It's the smell of a fresh new start and a chance to start certain things from scratch. The New Year almost always revitalizes us and makes us feel that any and everything is possible. Whether we are looking to lose a few extra pounds, or read more books, there are always things we want to accomplish once that beautiful, bejeweled ball hits those glamorously lit numbers.

At Save A Dollar, we believe all resolutions are created equally and that most resolutions focus on personal goals or physical health. While those are exceptional resolutions to develop and accomplish, some of us do not include cleaning our homes as a New Year resolution. Before you look at the screen in an incredulous manner and profess how you always clean your house, hear us out about why you should add a clean home to your list of resolutions. For working adults, a lot of our time is spent outside of the home. We often spend hours and hours at work, or out with friends or running errands or picking up the kids. So it's only right (want) to come home to a clean home. Think about this for a moment: Our homes are an extension of our current mental state as well as our unique personalities. How many times have you been tired and left the laundry dirty? Or were sad and decided to leave the house a mess? Versus the times when you were happy and decided to clean the entire house! In either scenario how we felt mentally had a direct influence on how our home looked and how it made us feel when things were chaotic.

When we set resolutions we are verbally and officially making a contract with ourselves to complete a certain action. Once we complete those actions a feeling of accomplishment proceeds and we find ourselves wanting to accomplish more and more. Including the consistent cleaning of your home as a resolution will help you to keep focus and set clear guidelines that will afford you the opportunity to come home to a clean home. Furthermore, a clean home also stimulates good energy and productivity. Lastly, including cleaning your home on your resolution list(s) will also once again act as a contract, binding you to your own promises. Let's face it, who wants to break a contract, even if it's with ourselves? So the next time you take a look at your list of resolutions throw in a clean home, we think you'll be grateful later on!

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