Music + Dopamine= Productivity

How important is music to you? Do you find listening to certain songs harder than listening to others? Do some songs lift your spirits and energize you? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions listening to music may help boost your cleaning routine!

Quite often we find when we are doing something tedious we tend to “zone out” or go straight into auto-pilot mode. When that happens we are less likely to be in the moment and conscious of what we are doing. For example: how many times have you done something while on auto-pilot, finished whatever it was you were doing only to realize you either did it wrong or did not do it quite the way you wanted? So you find yourself having to retrace your steps and maybe do the project all over again. Listening to music while you complete a project such as cleaning may help boost productivity, keep you in the moment and aware of yourself, while cutting your cleaning time in half. Here’s how it works:

According to an article found in the LA times, “like sex, drugs or really good food, music causes the brain to release dopamine, a brain chemical key to addiction and motivation. That's one reason why people like it so much. The effects extend beyond the merely pleasurable: Music (often in tandem with dance) is used in rehabilitation for stroke and Parkinson's disease.” So, imagine what music can do for you while you are cleaning! Music, especially upbeat, fast tempo music can be the difference between getting that extra dust bunny or missing it and letting it mutate into a dust dinosaur (trust us, you don’t want the T-Rex of dust bunnies sitting under your bed. Pretty scary stuff!)

Here are some key points we want to share:

  1. While you clean, play music that holds happy relaxing memories for you

  2. While headphones are great, they oftentimes shut out the outside world and make it a bit difficult for you to remain aware of what’s going on around you. Instead, turn on your sound system. Your sound system will allow you to still be aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music.

  3. When cleaning, upbeat, fast tempo music works best. (Think Pharrell’s Happy)

  4. Music can motivate you to keep going, not only in cleaning but other areas of your routine (work, exercising, studying etc)

  5. Above all else have fun with your music and experiment with new genres just to mix things up a little!!!

To read more on the effects of music on your mental state, take a look at the LA times article, “Tune Into You”

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